May 27, 2007 at 1:21 pm | Posted in basketball, whitney | 4 Comments

While HD-TV might be a great way to catch Ricky Schroeder (everyone’s favorite Mormon and Silver Spooner) on 24, I submit that it might be one of the worst ways to watch basketball. I like those bird’s-eye-view shots of Parker after his 14th flop (we hate him because he’s French and picks his nose), and psuedo-following shots are fine if it’s a free throw or a time out, but I’m not really getting the point of it while the ball’s in play. I guess it’s supposed to make you feel like you’re there, but the thing about being there is that sometimes you don’t see the ball because someone’s blocking your view. That would even be okay if they weren’t moving the camera up and down in addition to side to side and then zooming in and out. It makes you sea sick. All you see is the camera moving and you forget about how much you hate Okur (but especially how it sounds like the announcers call him “Annette” every time). I think they might be going for an exciting, Bourne Identity kind of feel. It’s not working. The boost in picture quality is nice, but is it really necessary for a sporting event when things are moving so quickly? And if you have HD, you have a plasma screen, which is pretty great quality as it is.

Also, God bless TiVo. I’d never watch sports without it.

Orrin Hatch was characteristically sober tonight after the Jazz win (probably thinking about torture). He, of course, wasn’t donning the Zion’s bank t-shirt, and instead had some kind of pin on his lapel. I’m thinking it’s either a promotion for his upcoming album or a “Hatch ’08” pin.

And was it just me, or were those announcers having a love affair with Matt Harping in the first half tonight? Speaking of clean cut jazz players, that guy has nothing interesting going for him.



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  1. is ricky really a mormon? or just a mormon the way jeff hornacek is a mormon?

  2. I sat next to Orrin Hatch at a game once and he did not respect my personal space at all. Everytime he stood up he’d bump me with his stupid Senatorial ass.

    I hate the new camera moves. The system we have is fine. There is no need to tweak it.

    The HD quality freaks me out a little. It makes Hubie Brown look even more corpse-like and Carlos Boozer’s acne stand out way too much.

  3. my cousin dated ricky schroder’s brother in law at byu. his name was jeff. how much more proof do you need?

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