if you win wimbledon, you become champion of the world

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according to this awesome movie about women’s amateur tennis called hard, fast and beautiful. i’m going to write about that movie later, if i can remember how to write.

but let me tell you about some highlights from wimbledon.

espn’s coverage informed me that tony blair stepped down as prime minister this week. then they showed the bbc footage of blair leaving downing street for the last time, driving to buckingham palace to officially resign and blair’s replacement driving from buckingham palace to downing street. except they showed the entire thing in fast-forward. i think it was supposed to be like a benny hill joke, except they used this regal string quartet music. so i think the joke is actually about how americans, whether watching tennis or coverage of global politics down give a damn unless americans are involved.

for example, gonzalez is in the fifth set with this real bad-ass. he’s got a beard, a bead necklace and possibly a eye-brow ring. it’s 2-1 in the fifth set and they cut to blake starting out his first set.

and sharapova said that her dad has a great sense of humor.

it might have been a vulture

June 21, 2007 at 12:05 am | Posted in aaron d.w., tennis | 1 Comment

wimbledon starts next monday.  wimbledon thinks they’re so awesome, but they’ve got a lot to prove to me this year.  first of all, the french open was too cool.  that’s a hard act to follow.  remember how all the americans were out after the first round and how all the federernadal.jpgamerican sports media mostly wrote articles about that?  remember how rafael nadal beat roger federer less than a month after federer ended nadal’s 81-game clay court winning streak?  remember how hawk-eye (aka spot shot) doesn’t even work?  i don’t remember that, but brian told me and i believed him.  recently brian wrote an article about how federer probably wouldn’t pose like nadal did after winning the french open.  well, i think wimbledon’s worse i found a picture to back me up.

but still, tennis is great to watch.  even if every player has to wear white for wimbledon.  grass is federer’s surface of choice and although he has looked vulnerable a lot this year, he’s tough to beat on grass.  then there’s nadal.  he’s not the best grass player, but he’s good enough to make it to the finals and make federer earn it.  or maybe andy roddick will do really well.  he just won his first grass tournament last week and has looked good this year even though he lost bad in the french open.  i wish he was making those lexus commercials.  then i could love him.  physical love.

oh yeah, there’s other tennis players too, but i don’t want to look up how to spell djokavic and youznhy.

Orem…A Great Place to Live, Work, and Play (ball)!

June 20, 2007 at 11:56 pm | Posted in baseball, whitney | 9 Comments

“Let’s see you try to get out of this one, HouDini!”

As far as baseball games go, I think last night’s was the best. It was one of those bottom of the ninth, bases loaded type situations. And then that lousy “Swing less, walk Moore” Jeremy Moore gets up to bat with one out. Then Garcia…Oh, Garcia…designated garbage more like. And, thus, the Owlz lost by one. Bummer.

However, the insults were flying: “If you’re gonna bunt, bunt with balls!” “All the pats on the butt in the world won’t get you over that embarrassment!” “Oh no, it’s junk-in-the-trunk Mathews” “What is this, Little League??”

Sometimes I was cheering for the Odgen Raptors due to a mega-crush I formed on their catcher, Kenley Jansen. 6’2″, 178, born in Curacao, Netherlands Antilles. His average is .102 … so there wasn’t much to cheer for at the plate, but what a cutie. But, who could honestly cheer for the Raptors with a logo like this one:
Ogden Raptors Logo

And as far as mascots go, Hootz has got to be the most loveable one.

What a cutie. Instead of the punches in the face Cosmo’s handing out, Hootz is giving hugz. He doesn’t disapear for most of the game like that crazy Leprachaun guy the Celtics have.
Celtics mascot
(though, he can’t do that either. He can’t even hula hoop.)
And he doesn’t really hang out with kids very often. It seems like he’s always picking on the adults (usually trying to sit on women’s laps).

these three things

June 20, 2007 at 1:57 am | Posted in baseball, basketball, brian, football (american) | 1 Comment

number one

last night i had a dream where i met allen iverson.  it was some sort of meet and great the denver nuggets that i some how got invited to.  or maybe it was an award ceremony.  either way, it was held in some sort of rec room and iverson and i played ping pong.  according to my dream, he’s pretty good at ping pong.

number two

yesterday, i spent an entire day in a car with aaron.  naturally our topic of conversation veered towards fantasy football.   while discussing possible back-up qbs, neither aaron or i could remember what team david carr ended up on.  so we texted clif.

contents of our text message to clif: “what team is david carr on?”

clif’s text back: “panties.”

this might seem odd, but both aaron and i knew what had happened: clif had meant “panthers” but through some sort of predictive text message slippage had sent “panties.”  clif, too, knew what had happened and texted a correction within minutes.  this is exactly why, in my opinion, predictive text is so awesome.  thanks to unrecognized/forgotten button pushing by the user, associations between words are formed that the user (and receiver) would never have imagined.  since mobile phones become an extension of our person through some sort of feedback loop between us and the media we use, i wonder if there is something deeper going on — something like a freudian predictive text slip.

number three

delta named a commercial airplane after hank aaron, complete with his likeness and the number 755 (the number of home runs he hit in his career) on the side of the airplane.  if someone offered to pay me to put my face on the side of an airplane, regardless of the circumstances, i would probably say yes.  but what’s up with delta’s timing?  aaron’s record is going to be broken any day now, so isn’t delta — a commercial airline — implicitly rejecting barry bond’s achievement?  it seems weird that a commercial airline would care enough to publicly state it’s opinion on the whole steroids thing, but i guess since so many people hate bonds so much that it’s just a marketing ploy to exploit everybodies hatred of bonds.

parts and labor

June 11, 2007 at 2:05 am | Posted in brian, tennis | 6 Comments

you have to get up pretty early in the morning if you want to watch the men’s french open final. 7 a.m. (mst) to be exact.

but here’s what i don’t get:

so nadal and federer are both sponsored by nike and, after sharapova, nadal and federer are nike’s top tennis endorsers.  so why are they wearing the exact same color scheme?

baby and navy blue.  nadal does accent this scheme with a lot of white while federer goes with the a dark colored headband.  this might have something to do with federer embracing his dominance of tennis, but nadal has to be the clay court favorite.  in the french open context, federer may even be considered an underdog — an underdog who may be the best tennis player ever.  so i’m still unsure about the significance of the slight differences in nadal and federer’s on court dress.

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