Orem…A Great Place to Live, Work, and Play (ball)!

June 20, 2007 at 11:56 pm | Posted in baseball, whitney | 9 Comments

“Let’s see you try to get out of this one, HouDini!”

As far as baseball games go, I think last night’s was the best. It was one of those bottom of the ninth, bases loaded type situations. And then that lousy “Swing less, walk Moore” Jeremy Moore gets up to bat with one out. Then Garcia…Oh, Garcia…designated garbage more like. And, thus, the Owlz lost by one. Bummer.

However, the insults were flying: “If you’re gonna bunt, bunt with balls!” “All the pats on the butt in the world won’t get you over that embarrassment!” “Oh no, it’s junk-in-the-trunk Mathews” “What is this, Little League??”

Sometimes I was cheering for the Odgen Raptors due to a mega-crush I formed on their catcher, Kenley Jansen. 6’2″, 178, born in Curacao, Netherlands Antilles. His average is .102 … so there wasn’t much to cheer for at the plate, but what a cutie. But, who could honestly cheer for the Raptors with a logo like this one:
Ogden Raptors Logo

And as far as mascots go, Hootz has got to be the most loveable one.

What a cutie. Instead of the punches in the face Cosmo’s handing out, Hootz is giving hugz. He doesn’t disapear for most of the game like that crazy Leprachaun guy the Celtics have.
Celtics mascot
(though, he can’t do that either. He can’t even hula hoop.)
And he doesn’t really hang out with kids very often. It seems like he’s always picking on the adults (usually trying to sit on women’s laps).


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  1. i think i now what the odgen raptors should do about their logo and nickname.

  2. Kenley Jansen is really really hot…you’ve got that right…But it’s a shame that he’s engaged 😦
    Did you know that?????

  3. Are you his girlfriend? Sorry I yelled out my phone number at the game today…

  4. Damn, I didn’t think that Kenley was so popular.
    I gotta admit: HE’S SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO SWEET!!!!! I’m his #1 fan !!
    Are you serieus about that engagement thing?
    Well she must be a very lucky girl…Cause that brother is fineeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!! 😀
    And his average is now around .300..or something like that.
    I wish him all the best!!!
    c ya….

  5. Well…I’m Kenley’s girlfriend…I’m glad to hear that he has so many fans..:):):) That’s so cool..
    But take it easy OK? 😉

  6. Hey Whitney, did you really do that???
    Oh my God..:D:D
    You’re crazy 😛 hahaha

  7. Oh my God, Whitney, did you really do that:P
    You’ve got to be playing, girl…
    and how did he react?????
    So I know if I can do that to 😛
    @ kenley girl…just playing..

  8. Whitney, are you shy, or something like that? cause, you’ve been so quiet for while now…;)

  9. I’m a little shy.

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