these three things

June 20, 2007 at 1:57 am | Posted in baseball, basketball, brian, football (american) | 1 Comment

number one

last night i had a dream where i met allen iverson.  it was some sort of meet and great the denver nuggets that i some how got invited to.  or maybe it was an award ceremony.  either way, it was held in some sort of rec room and iverson and i played ping pong.  according to my dream, he’s pretty good at ping pong.

number two

yesterday, i spent an entire day in a car with aaron.  naturally our topic of conversation veered towards fantasy football.   while discussing possible back-up qbs, neither aaron or i could remember what team david carr ended up on.  so we texted clif.

contents of our text message to clif: “what team is david carr on?”

clif’s text back: “panties.”

this might seem odd, but both aaron and i knew what had happened: clif had meant “panthers” but through some sort of predictive text message slippage had sent “panties.”  clif, too, knew what had happened and texted a correction within minutes.  this is exactly why, in my opinion, predictive text is so awesome.  thanks to unrecognized/forgotten button pushing by the user, associations between words are formed that the user (and receiver) would never have imagined.  since mobile phones become an extension of our person through some sort of feedback loop between us and the media we use, i wonder if there is something deeper going on — something like a freudian predictive text slip.

number three

delta named a commercial airplane after hank aaron, complete with his likeness and the number 755 (the number of home runs he hit in his career) on the side of the airplane.  if someone offered to pay me to put my face on the side of an airplane, regardless of the circumstances, i would probably say yes.  but what’s up with delta’s timing?  aaron’s record is going to be broken any day now, so isn’t delta — a commercial airline — implicitly rejecting barry bond’s achievement?  it seems weird that a commercial airline would care enough to publicly state it’s opinion on the whole steroids thing, but i guess since so many people hate bonds so much that it’s just a marketing ploy to exploit everybodies hatred of bonds.

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  1. I had a dream that I bought a helper monkey.

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