if you win wimbledon, you become champion of the world

June 29, 2007 at 10:39 pm | Posted in brian, tennis | 2 Comments

according to this awesome movie about women’s amateur tennis called hard, fast and beautiful. i’m going to write about that movie later, if i can remember how to write.

but let me tell you about some highlights from wimbledon.

espn’s coverage informed me that tony blair stepped down as prime minister this week. then they showed the bbc footage of blair leaving downing street for the last time, driving to buckingham palace to officially resign and blair’s replacement driving from buckingham palace to downing street. except they showed the entire thing in fast-forward. i think it was supposed to be like a benny hill joke, except they used this regal string quartet music. so i think the joke is actually about how americans, whether watching tennis or coverage of global politics down give a damn unless americans are involved.

for example, gonzalez is in the fifth set with this real bad-ass. he’s got a beard, a bead necklace and possibly a eye-brow ring. it’s 2-1 in the fifth set and they cut to blake starting out his first set.

and sharapova said that her dad has a great sense of humor.


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  1. this movie poster is kind of a lie. first off, it makes it seem that her boyfriend is telling her that he can make her a champion when it’s really the guy with a martini who makes her a champion (and he actually doesn’t do much since it’s really her kick ass game — she has a killer forehand — that makes her a champion. second, she doesn’t ever where a bikini top while playing tennis. third, she didn’t have to lie or hide her love affair to become champion.

    but i think this poster is totally awesome even though the movie is totally awesome in a completely different way.

  2. I adore, adore that movie poster. Seriously cool.

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