Rocky Mountain Blues

July 18, 2007 at 1:23 pm | Posted in baseball, basketball, whitney | 1 Comment

I was so excited for the rocky mountain review tomorrow…
Millsap rocky mountain review
(and millsap is my favorite…the good old rookie from Louisiana…)

But, once again the world is conspiring against me and I’m going to have to tough it out with this guy:
The Godfather

The summer is the worst time for sports. Because baseball is awesome, but in July – with the sun reflecting off the metal stands and the blind guy starting to come to Owlz games, too! – it starts to lose its charm. Plus no one even goes to watch the game. At least in the minor minor minor leagues, people are just going to “The Home of the Owlz” (as they try to bully sports writers into calling it) as a date opportunity. It’s like Cafe Rio times 550 (or Comedy Sportz times 762).

getting married at a baseball game

I can’t wait until October.

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  1. Millsap and Dee Brown were BEASTS last night. (ed., BEASTS is RMR inside joke that D.W. may post about later. They were impressive though.)

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