why does this feel so appealing

July 19, 2007 at 11:34 pm | Posted in brian, meta | 5 Comments

when bored, i sometimes randomly search through other sports blogs. it’s kind of like sizing up our competition, except i don’t think of blogging as competitive.  actually i do it on the off-chance that i’ll come up with an idea to write about for our blog.  here’s what i came up with today:

i stumbled across this bullshit site that gives your (in this case our) blog a mpaa styled rating.  this blog received a g rating.  g?  i guess i haven’t been swearing enough.  and i haven’t made a hand job joke in over a year.

but i’m still surprised about the g rating.  i decided to test how accurate this rating system is.  here’s some ratings for blogs associated with a few of our contributors:

we will die, hurrah (dusty): g
dear jesus (whitney and me): r for murder and danger
look out pres. clinton! (aaron): pg for stealing and crack
modern, serious dating is dead (becky, lee and me): r for death and sex
killer buds pick of the week (everyone): pg for shit and corpses
fight tv (fight): nc-17 for fuck, guns, fucker and suck


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  1. this post moved us from g to pg-13 for death and suck.

  2. i’m glad to see fuck, fucker, shit, crack and sex had no effect.

  3. i forgot, the hate blog: r for fuck, porn and sex. and if any one else wants to check out what blogs are rated what by some bullshit internet dating site (but still better than eharmony or match since it’s free), it’s http://mingle2.com/blog-rating.

  4. fight was nc-17. hahahahahahahahahaha cuz he’s such an asshole

  5. I was just going to ask if you posted the fight tv words just so this blog would get a higher rating.

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