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September 29, 2007 at 5:10 am | Posted in football (american), lee | 2 Comments

Football has yet to impress me this year.

Let me be more specific: the NFL has yet to impress me this year.  College football has been okay to me, I guess.  I mean, the only game that has really EXCITED me was the Utah-UCLA game.  What the earth was that?  This week, things could change with games like California playing Oregon.

 But the NFL?  Kind of totally boring so far.  The only cool things that have happened have been the Eagles uniforms and the Raiders new coach (Kiffen) screwing the Browns with the same tactic that the Broncos screwed the Raiders with the week before.  It was like he was saying “F__k you, I’m 31” to the rest of the league.  It almost makes me want to not hate the Raiders more than any team besides the Cowboys.  I wonder if the Cowboys still like being America’s team.  It was cool in the 60s, 70s, 80s, and kind of the 90s, but right now, being America’s anything (besides “Idol”) is so uncool in America.  The only thing less hip to admit to being is a Republican.  Or a Bathroom Gay.

Then again, the only team it seems like I have seen play this year is the Broncos because of regional broadcasts.  Everytime I watch a Broncos game, I wish there was a place where fans in a specific market could vote for what game they want to see.  I was fine with seeing Jake Plummer play every week because he was my favorite player, but once Shannahan stopped playing him, the Broncos became irrelevent to my brain.  Cutler is cool, but not cool enough to make me watch them like Plummer was.

Now, I do admit that my enjoyment of football has declined by the year lately.  It is such a weird sport.  These coaches – who were the douchebags we hated in high school –  get their players to do these crazy things that ruin their bodies.  Then, the when the players retire they have the lasting effect of all the things they put their bodies through and they can hardly function physically.  They don’t even have guaranteed contracts.  Kind of messed up, dude.

it’ll be like watching a play except with the best robot actors you’ve ever seen

September 27, 2007 at 2:42 am | Posted in brian, football (american), technology | 6 Comments

ever wonder how tomlison throws so many touchdown passes? i mean, he’s gotta hold the all-time record for touchdowns thrown by a running-back. is he like the opposite of micheal vick and vince young? those guys are qbs who run like rbs while tomlinson is a rb who throws like a qb. or is he more like bellichick, employing the lastest football related technology to gain a completive advantage?

as you’ll see in the upcoming photo, tomlinson wears a dark visor. is it because he has sunglasses disease like jim mcmahon and bono? or is it so no one can see his eyes?

nearly every football team in the nfl runs this trick play were they pitch it to the rb who pretends to be involved in a normal running play only to then throw a pass to a (hopefully) open receiver. if your a safety on the opposing team respond to this play be reading the rb’s eyes. if he’s looking at his blockers, it’s probably a run; if he’s looking down field at a receiver, he’s probably going to pass. but when tomlison runs the play you have no idea where he’s looking. when you realize it’s a hb-pass it’s too late, tomlinson has already thrown a touchdown pass.

tomlinson, unlike bellichick employs legal technology to gain his advantage. the nfl can’t ban dark visors since there are a number of football players who suffer from sunglasses disease (also know as photophobia). so it looks like tomlinson’s advantage is here to stay. unless everyone in the nfl starts wearing dark visors. that would leve the playing field.

to be honest, i think it would be so cool if the entire nfl wore dark visors. the nfl already has the least identifiable players. everyone’s wearing tons of equipment and helmets with face masks you can barley see through already. so football players are already cyborgs. this visor not only levels the playing field, it removes the individual human. in the future, all major sports will probably be played by robots anyway, so the nfl might as well get a head start.

p.s. the eagles jerseys this week were probably the best sports jerseys i’ve ever seen in my life. the redskin’s jersey’s weren’t too bad either. unfortunately, both teams will go back to their boring uniforms. it’s like they give you a taste of how cool football could be and then take it away.

Football Divided

September 25, 2007 at 3:22 am | Posted in football (american), sherpa | 8 Comments

Last night I watched my first football game since the Superbowl and it made me sad.   I always get a little melancholy this time of year.  Baseball is winding down, MSL is around the corner from the playoffs and I have 3 months of non-stop football to look forward to, and I don’t like the game much.  Oh, I understand it, I grew up in a household that took me to high school and college games from the time I was little.  I’ve even played on powder puff and co-ed flag football teams.  However, football just isn’t my thing.  The culture, the strategy of the game?  Ugh.  That all being said, my mom once said, I was attracted to the athleticism of the game, and that’s true.  I don’t mind watching an incredible play, but then my brain reminds me of all the reasons I dislike the game and I usually go into another room of the house.  I even follow the Redskins, but more or less because I live in a Football Town.  You live in DC, you better at least know the names of the Redskins, more so than any other team in town.  At least there’s only four months left of Football Misery. 

i left a message on your cellphone

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bill belechick was fined $500,000, the patriots were fined $250,000 and lost a first round draft pick. that’s the punishment for cheating in the nfl. rather that’s the punishment for a certain type of cheating. specifically, videotaping opponents defensive signals. according to the guy they talk to on all things considered about the business of sports, every team has a person in the coaching booth peering through binoculars at the opponent’s sideline trying to decipher defensive signals. so what’s the difference? the use of the video camera and the fact that this coach was down on the sidelines. (i think this was accomplished by the video-guy getting a hold of one of the official nfl jackets all the camerapersons wear; in other words, he was undercover.)

apparently new england has been videoing signals for a while since at least six teams have complained to the league. but it wasn’t until last sunday that there was any real proof. so how did the league end up with proof? the jets’ head coach eric mangini (who may have made a guest appearance on the sopranos) used to be an assistant to bill b and would have knowledge of the patriots’ spying habits and tipped the league off during last sunday’s game between the two teams.

so let me re-cap: a covert agents using the newest technology gathering sensitive information with hopes of breaking coded messages is outed by a former member of the same organization who recently defected to a rival organization. and this happened in the nfl. that’s pretty funny.

Suzuki Swings

September 12, 2007 at 12:01 pm | Posted in baseball, whitney | 2 Comments

I’m going to throw this out there: catchers are the unsung heroes of the major leagues. I’ve been watching this A’s game tonight (against the Mariners, and it’s a pretty good game. lots of hits, Swisher isn’t pissing me off too much – but not swinging enough…because I love when Swisher Swings.) and there’s all this talk of the pitcher (so impossible to keep track of for me. There are too many and they’re all dogs except Lugo, who I like a lot) and Mark Ellis gets a lot of attention, Piazza of course, Swisher fucks up a lot lately so he’s the talk of the town…but what about Suzuki? Eh? Eh? Suzuki kicks a lot of ass a lot of the time, but you don’t hear his name thrown around a lot unless he hits a home run to win the game (so awesome).

It just seems to me that catchers deserve more attention. They squat there for the whole game every game – which takes a toll on your knees, just ask my PT (my dad) – and a lot depends on whether they can block every ball, so they take a lot of hits. Awkward catches that can dislocate your thumb. Heat stroke. Plus your face is covered up the whole time so you probably don’t enjoy the celebrity that some of your teammates have. I’m not saying that they are anonymous in terms of commentary, but it seems to me that their sacrifices should be honored a little more. Like, some sort of ode sung during the fourth, because God knows the seventh inning can sure be long in coming.

Maybe I just like Japanese(-American) players. Um…that’s a possibility.

P.S. a bagpipe rendition of Amazing Grace in honor of Sept. 11th, juxtaposed with shots of dirty first bases…okay. I’m feeling it.

beard to the final

September 4, 2007 at 11:21 pm | Posted in brian, tennis | 5 Comments

isn’t in embarrassing when you show up to a party and eighteen other people are wearing your same outfit?

these guys gotta get new sponsorships. hopefully with a sponsor that allow them to wear something different than their competitors. i mean, it’s gotta hurt your game when you keep thinking about how stupid you must look looking like every other idiot at the us open.

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