beard to the final

September 4, 2007 at 11:21 pm | Posted in brian, tennis | 5 Comments

isn’t in embarrassing when you show up to a party and eighteen other people are wearing your same outfit?

these guys gotta get new sponsorships. hopefully with a sponsor that allow them to wear something different than their competitors. i mean, it’s gotta hurt your game when you keep thinking about how stupid you must look looking like every other idiot at the us open.


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  1. I can’t believe how lame these guys are. There’s no way that is an accident. Show some balls and take control of your career. Jesus.

  2. Nadal wore the same shirt in yellow last night. That’s why he lost. Fashion Embarassment.

  3. do you think nadal had some kind of deal where no one else could wear that same color nike shirt at the us open?

    also, gimbelstob wore 12 different nike shirts in his match against roddick and none of them were this blue one. so why didn’t any of these guys just use one of the other colors from the same style? especially in the matches when the guy your playing is wearing the same exact shirt.

  4. why wouldn’t nadal ask for a different style altogether. Something is up, man, and it is bad for this sport.

  5. something is up. they keep interviewing all these people during the tennis matches at the us open–people promo-ing television shows. last night they talked to donald trump about the apprentice for like ten minutes during the match. the us open is about advertising ten products all the time.

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