it’ll be like watching a play except with the best robot actors you’ve ever seen

September 27, 2007 at 2:42 am | Posted in brian, football (american), technology | 6 Comments

ever wonder how tomlison throws so many touchdown passes? i mean, he’s gotta hold the all-time record for touchdowns thrown by a running-back. is he like the opposite of micheal vick and vince young? those guys are qbs who run like rbs while tomlinson is a rb who throws like a qb. or is he more like bellichick, employing the lastest football related technology to gain a completive advantage?

as you’ll see in the upcoming photo, tomlinson wears a dark visor. is it because he has sunglasses disease like jim mcmahon and bono? or is it so no one can see his eyes?

nearly every football team in the nfl runs this trick play were they pitch it to the rb who pretends to be involved in a normal running play only to then throw a pass to a (hopefully) open receiver. if your a safety on the opposing team respond to this play be reading the rb’s eyes. if he’s looking at his blockers, it’s probably a run; if he’s looking down field at a receiver, he’s probably going to pass. but when tomlison runs the play you have no idea where he’s looking. when you realize it’s a hb-pass it’s too late, tomlinson has already thrown a touchdown pass.

tomlinson, unlike bellichick employs legal technology to gain his advantage. the nfl can’t ban dark visors since there are a number of football players who suffer from sunglasses disease (also know as photophobia). so it looks like tomlinson’s advantage is here to stay. unless everyone in the nfl starts wearing dark visors. that would leve the playing field.

to be honest, i think it would be so cool if the entire nfl wore dark visors. the nfl already has the least identifiable players. everyone’s wearing tons of equipment and helmets with face masks you can barley see through already. so football players are already cyborgs. this visor not only levels the playing field, it removes the individual human. in the future, all major sports will probably be played by robots anyway, so the nfl might as well get a head start.

p.s. the eagles jerseys this week were probably the best sports jerseys i’ve ever seen in my life. the redskin’s jersey’s weren’t too bad either. unfortunately, both teams will go back to their boring uniforms. it’s like they give you a taste of how cool football could be and then take it away.


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  1. that lt pic is freaking great. I think i like that guy, cheater or not.

  2. i wouldn’t call him a cheater since he’s not doing anything illegal.

  3. Three things:

    1- Tomlinson is second to Walter Payton in TD passes by a RB.

    2- Football will be the perfect sport for robots. One day, the players will get so big and fast that it will be deemed inhumane. With how messed up the players get now, it might be inhumane now.

    3- I agree with the Eagles and Redskins uniforms. I wish the 49ers would wear their old clothes every week, not just five weeks.

  4. very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

  5. about the robots or about the jerseys being so cool?

  6. sports jerseys that uses cotton and polyester fabric are much cooler to use ~~’

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