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September 29, 2007 at 5:10 am | Posted in football (american), lee | 2 Comments

Football has yet to impress me this year.

Let me be more specific: the NFL has yet to impress me this year.  College football has been okay to me, I guess.  I mean, the only game that has really EXCITED me was the Utah-UCLA game.  What the earth was that?  This week, things could change with games like California playing Oregon.

 But the NFL?  Kind of totally boring so far.  The only cool things that have happened have been the Eagles uniforms and the Raiders new coach (Kiffen) screwing the Browns with the same tactic that the Broncos screwed the Raiders with the week before.  It was like he was saying “F__k you, I’m 31” to the rest of the league.  It almost makes me want to not hate the Raiders more than any team besides the Cowboys.  I wonder if the Cowboys still like being America’s team.  It was cool in the 60s, 70s, 80s, and kind of the 90s, but right now, being America’s anything (besides “Idol”) is so uncool in America.  The only thing less hip to admit to being is a Republican.  Or a Bathroom Gay.

Then again, the only team it seems like I have seen play this year is the Broncos because of regional broadcasts.  Everytime I watch a Broncos game, I wish there was a place where fans in a specific market could vote for what game they want to see.  I was fine with seeing Jake Plummer play every week because he was my favorite player, but once Shannahan stopped playing him, the Broncos became irrelevent to my brain.  Cutler is cool, but not cool enough to make me watch them like Plummer was.

Now, I do admit that my enjoyment of football has declined by the year lately.  It is such a weird sport.  These coaches – who were the douchebags we hated in high school –  get their players to do these crazy things that ruin their bodies.  Then, the when the players retire they have the lasting effect of all the things they put their bodies through and they can hardly function physically.  They don’t even have guaranteed contracts.  Kind of messed up, dude.



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  1. cutler isn’t cool. he looks like an idiot.

  2. In a way, he does look like an idiot. That’s why I think he is cool. He seems like the type that doesn’t comb his hair.

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