utah juniors #6

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this is pretty late and no longer interesting (if it ever was), but the only university of utah football game that i’ve been to in my whole life has been the best one this year — the one where they killed u.c.l.a.  every game fight has ever been to they’ve lost.  i don’t want to say that all the ones i’ve been to they’ve won because i’ve only been to one.  and most likely is doesn’t have any impact.

red_6.jpgso i got to the game and i was ready to be a pretty passive football fan.  i have a hard time getting really into sporting events unless ostertag is playing.  then i yell things like, “i love you, ostertag!!” when it’s quiet because he’s shooting free throws.  when i got there the marching band was playing and i was wishing that i’d gotten there later.  then they sang the national anthem and i really regretted not getting there later.  so during the national anthem one of the security guards (of sorts) came over and told the kid next to me to take his hat off.  the kid asked if he had to, and the security guy said that if he respected the flag he had to.  so the kid told the guard that his grandfather fought in world war 2 in order to insure that his grandkids could wear baseball caps whenever they want and to stop fascism like making people take hats off.  the security guy left pretty upset.  so during the 2nd quarter he got the mascot to come over and take off the kid’s hat and throw it to someone else in the crowd.  after his stunt he gave a thumbs up to the security guard and left.  i was getting pretty excited because i always have these sorts of face-offs with mascots and i thought it would soon lead to that.  instead, the kid next to me went to the head security office and reported the security guy.  five minutes later the guard was replaced and we didn’t see him anymore.  i wanted to give the mascot a thumbs up, but he didn’t look at me.

utah-juniors.jpgthe other best thing about the game is that i wore this shirt that i bought at the d.i. earlier in the week.  it’s red with the number 6 on front and back and on front it says utah juniors.  so i thought it would be funny to wear.  when i got there i borrowed a program from somebody and looked up #6 so i’d know who my favorite player obviously was.  turns out his name is mack.  i told my friend nathan that mack is my favorite player and  he informed me that #6 was the starting running back after the season-ending injury from two weeks before.  then as it happened, mack played really great and scored like 2 touchdowns or something.  every time he did something i pretended like he really was my favorite player and that i’d worn the shirt to support him.  i would hold up the number and jump around when he scored so the people around me would know that i knew all along that he’s a star.  it worked even better than i imagined and i soon became his #1 fan.  i was sort of the leader of all the mack fans.  at one point i started chanting “big mack, big mack” and the cheer caught on in the whole section around me.  and i was probably the only one there who thought the chant was more of a burn than anything.  but i pretended that i like big macs and #6 mack equally.

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