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October 31, 2007 at 12:16 am | Posted in basketball, brian, fespn | Leave a comment

this is older news, but i really haven’t kept up on sports lately. besides watching the occasional college football upset, updating my fantasy football roster and tuning in to single at bats of baseball games for the purpose of betting on homeruns, i have no idea what’s going on in the wide world of sports. but here’s the news: the warriors named stephen jackson captain of the team (actually he’s co-captain with baron davis and my fifth favorite player in the nba, matt barnes). i guess people are all upset because jackson is spending the first seven games suspended not to mention all those other suspension he’s received in his career. and there was that brawl he was involved in. here’s how covered the story:

Webster’s Dictionary defines a captain as “a person of importance or influence in a field.”

Stephen Jackson‘s past might not have put him in that category, but his future certainly will.

who thinks that starting a piece with the webster’s definition of the word you’re talking about is a good idea? it’s been used as a joke so much (at least five time on the simpsons alone), that if this is supposed to be a joke, it isn’t a very funny one. i beginning to think that the biggest problem with espn is laziness. they already dominate sports, so they don’t even try. if you’re doubting me, try watching the monday night football post-game report. they just make it up.

anyway, i think jackson is a good captain choice. i’m going to make him the captian of my fantasy basketball team. jackson just got a new tattoo. it’s two praying hands holding a gun in front of a church. here’s how jackson describes it: “i pray i never have to use it again.”

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