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November 4, 2007 at 11:34 pm | Posted in basketball, brian | 9 Comments

did anyone see when they interviewed larry miller during the jazz/rockets game the other night? is he dying? if so, from what? maybe he’s not dying (except in the way all of us are dying) but had surgery early that day and was still groggy from all the meds. or, most likely, he’s addicted to painkillers.

i used to hate larry miller. but since i no longer believe in free will, i realize i can’t hold the way he is against him. he’s just a product of evolution (biological, cultural and cosmic) just like me. he can’t help but run the jazz (and everything else he owns) the way he does. and while i find his business style irritating and offensive, i’m no longer going to hate him as a person. plus, i think this year is my favorite jazz team ever. i know it’s mostly the same team from last year, except everyone is (supposedly) better. i am sad that dee brown is gone (thanks to larry miller’s racism), but an impressive ronnie brewer playing more minutes makes up for that.

but i think we need a way to talk about the jazz that will enable us to develop stronger relationships with their on-court personas: we need good nicknames.

i know bowlerjack has nicknames for everybody but i refuse to use those because they’re boring. we can come up with way better nicknames than that. fight and i occasionally workshop nicknames while watching jazz games but then we always forget (for obvious reasons). i feel good about the name slambidunktrous. now we just need names for everyone else. here’s a couple of ideas:

deron williams: da wilderness
matt harpring: haircut or haircut 8.50
okur: out and about (because my friend brigette has seen him around salt lake at least four times, usually at the avenues smiths)

anyone else have any ideas?


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  1. am i mistaken, or are there names such as “brewer” and “boozer” on this team? is it too convenient that a man named miller owns that team?

    that’s okay, i don’t have to make the obvious or lame quip.

    Paul Millsap, etc.
    Anna Pavloval; THE DYING SWAN
    beginner’s luck should apply.

  2. or

  3. nice picture. do you have an nickname ideas?

  4. My bro-in-law calls Collins Lead Boots because of his gravity-defying verticle.

  5. that’s pretty good, but i kind of want something that incorporates his twin-ness.

    how about stalag 17 for kirilenko? i think stupid.

  6. I’m going to call kirilenko laika. because that’s the first russian that came to my mind…

  7. Larry H. Miller might be my favorite Utahn. This is not a joke.

    I’ve tried to deny it in the past, thinking that it is only because I like the Jazz so much, but I don’t know that I can anymore.

  8. The only nickname I like so far is slambidunkasaurus or whatever. I’m kind of in an anti-nickname mode right now, though. For instance, I wanted to name my fantasy team “Fan Tasy” because it was totally generic and boring.

    The best place to see Okur and Giricek is the Atlantic Cafe. I guess Giricek watches American Idol there sometimes and really gets into it.

  9. you like larry miller more than your mom? more than me?

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