are you guys talking about spheres? we’re talking about penises.

November 11, 2007 at 5:25 am | Posted in basketball, brian | Leave a comment

stalag 17’s last second block was pretty cool but did you see da wilderness the other night? le bj drains an impossible 3 and da wilderness doesn’t even flinch — just takes the inbounds pass, goes coast-to-coast (like george noory or art bell), refuses to even acknowledge a defense and lays in the winning shot like it was nothing.

the next morning i was trying to explain an expansion of da wilderness’s nickname — da wilderness: baptizing balls all over the fucking place — but he didn’t get it. or he thought it was stupid. but that’s ok. you can’t choose what you like.

for me, the name da wilderness reminds me of john the baptist because of that verse in the bible where john refers to himself as “the voice of one crying out in the wilderness.” plus he lives in the woods and shit and eats grasshoppers and honey. then he got decapitated because this lady who was turned down by john the baptist gets her daughter to do this sexy dance for herod who grants her daughter one wish which is to have the head of john the baptist on a plate. and he baptizes people.

i was going to talk about the similarities between da wilderness and john the baptist (how john reminded some people of elijah just like da wilderness reminds some people of stockton) then make the case da wilderness ushering in a new style of point guard play by breaking down the stereo-type of the pass-first, right-way point guard but really i just think baptizing balls is funny.

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