soccer, the way the pros play

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i recently bought this book at the library book sale and it’s changing the way i play and watch soccer. what i didn’t realize before i got the book is how soccer really is for everybody. the book includes pictures of “some of the smallest” players (kids), “passing by a girl,” and “a middle-aged man” just to show me how soccer is the sport that everyone can play. but the thing that really gave me some insight was the passage on a professional soccer player’s sex life. i hope it’s not illegal to post what it says verbatim; that is, i hope i don’t get caught if it is illegal. the book is called “soccer: the way the pros play” by robert herbin and j. ph. rethacker.


Free and liberated sex is in style today! We shall say a few words about it, even though we consider this problem to be a minor one. Yet it is undeniable that a harmonious and balanced sex life cannot help but improve the psychological stability of athletes, just as it does for other individuals.

It is also obvious that a soccer player whowishes to do well on the field and be helpful both to himself and his team cannot lead a loose and maladjusted life without risking the effectiveness of both his immediate and long-range performances. Neither will he choose the night before a match to prove his virility and demonstrate his amorous prowess. What really matters, in effect, is less the act itself than thte manner of perorming it and the context in which it is done. Suffice it to say that the expenditure of energy involved in a “classic” sexual act is minimal and should not in any way affect the performance on the field the next day. The criterion should be one’s common sense. At times a night begun this way can be beneficial, thanks to the relaxation it brings.

we can finally start speculating which players are continually proving their virility and which players just have “classic” sex. i think beckham gets too crazy the night before a game. that’s why he keeps getting injured.

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