have fun at your party!!!

December 20, 2007 at 8:18 am | Posted in basketball, brian | 3 Comments

eARtHqUAkE!!!  millsap hammer dunks it again!!!  maybe in someone’s face; maybe not.  either way, it’s impressive.

but it reminds of something i’ve seen before.  something from my childhood.  it’s all coming back to me.  a power forward.  on the utah jazz.  from louisiana.  throwing down hammer dunks.  causing earthquakes.  except this guy was a cowboy.  oh yeah, karl malone.

while i do like millsap, i never liked karl malone when he ws alive.  i mean, when he was playing.  never.  not even when i was a seven and watched jazz games with my next door neighbor on his mini-tv while we shot baskets.  not even when the jazz went to the finals.  not even when he was in that movie.  (it was called rockwell and it was probably about porter rockwell.  maybe it was made by mormons.)  then i saw his press conference where he announced his retirement.  he mostly talked about when  a badger is backed into a corner, it’s going to attack.  or maybe defend it’s family.

fight thinks millsap should dunk one time with his left hand behind his head as an homage to malone.  he shouldn’t make it his signature dunk, but it would be nice if he dropped it in the middle of a game one-time.

here’s a picture of steve nash:


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  1. I really want to keep this blog alive, but I’ve given up on trying to involve myself in sports lately. Like, I’m a fatty fat fat lately. Do Wii sports count? Because I suck at those, too.

  2. wii sports count. the other night i got 201 on bowling; a game that included 5 consecutive strikes. thanks to the wii, i’m never going bowling again. all my bowling will be virtual.

  3. That’s how I feel about wii tennis. Especially since waving their rackets around chaotically for no good reason is so much more fun than doing it yourself. And my avatar is cuter than I am.

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