it’s nice to see you again

January 21, 2008 at 7:36 am | Posted in basketball, becky | 4 Comments

so, i went to the jazz game friday night. my company has a suite at the ESA and somehow i got two tickets for the game against the clippers. it was pretty fun. the game didn’t end up being too exciting, right? i mean the jazz won by like 20 points. i just looked. they won by 18.

i’ll be honest, this is like the first jazz game i’ve seen all season. i heard about their horrible first part of the season, but that’s not why i haven’t watched games. i have no excuse. i think it’s time to get back into the jazz.

a few things about the night.

  • emily’s husband sang sweet child of mine and won $500. he was almost as good as axel rose. but less dreamy.
  • the suite: buffalo chicken sandwiches, jelly bellies, and the dessert cart.
  • the man sitting behind me had to explain to his date 5 times what the shot clock was. she may have been in her 50s, but i think it was her first encounter with basketball.
  • carlos boozer. i just really like his name. the most unfortunate name for the night? dickau. dick owe. owe my dick. dickau.
  • someone said fesenko looks like ashton kutcher.

maybe, but i think it’s mostly the hair throwing you off. i mean, check out this picture.

doesn’t he look kinda more like seung-hui cho? the slayer of virginia tech students and faculty?

  • while we’re on the subject, sam cassell looks like an alien. but apparently that is old news because when i did an image search on his name, this is like the 3rd picture that came up

  • anyway, john malkovich was at the game, and he’s pretty cool. so i guess it was a good night.


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  1. is that really what they have to eat in the suites? that’s bs.

  2. they had pot stickers and a bunch of other crap too. it all depends on the day. sometimes they have really nice cheese trays with crackers and roasted vegetables too. i was kind of pissed there was no cheese.

  3. i am pretty traditional when it comes to sport foods. i like hot dogs and nachos and soda. you probably knew how i felt about this which is why you took your boyfriend and not me. that and i hate the energy solutions arena. we had a fight a couple of weeks ago and have yet to make up.

  4. You’ve probably figured this out by now since the post is a couple weeks old, but it’s Kyle Korver who looks like Ashton Kutcher. I always thought Sam Cassell looked like Jiminy Cricket. 😉

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