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February 13, 2008 at 4:45 am | Posted in basketball, brian | 2 Comments

i hated the lakers my entire life.  maybe not hated, but i used to think they were stupid, then i thought they were funny, then i hated them more than i’ve ever hated any team and now i may like them.  that sentence lasted twenty-so-odd years; let me explain. 

i was just a little boy when it was showtime:  i kind of liked abdul-jabbar because of his name and goggles; i could never get into byron scott even though i thought we were both from ogden, utah; i always thought james worthy, rather than ac green was the preacher and virgin due to the implied holiness of the worthy name; i never trusted magic johnson.  most importantly, i knew, even as an eight year-old, that pat riley’s haircut was stupid.

then magic got hiv and everyone else retired.  the lakers were left with vlade divac and nick van exel.  then magic became the coach for like a week then resigned because he pushed a ref right after he publicly trashed on nick van exel for bumping into a ref.  those were good laker times.

then i stopped paying attention to basketball for a couple of years.  when i came back to basketball, the lakers were unstoppable.  kobe and shaq and phil and horry and lil’ fisher and all the celebrities at the home games.  mostly i hate teams that win all the time, especially when they seem to get all the calls.  i do have two great memories related to these lakers: (1) iverson going off on the lakers and winning game one of the finals in overtime and (2) when the pistons destroyed the superstar lakers (grandpa malone and grandpa payton) in the finals.

now I may like them.  they’ve still got lil’ luke walton and phil jackson and there are always a billion idiots at their games, but they’ve got quite a few positives.  there’s the lighting of the lakers home games that make every game seem less like a basketball game and more like a play about a basketball game.  then there’s odom who with the addition of gasol may finally become the player I always knew he had inside.  then there’s the soon to be best friends of radmanovic, vujavic and gasol all growing out their hair and beards.  i’m not saying the lakers are my favorite team, but if they’re in a playoff series against the spurs, i know who I’m cheering for.


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  1. Are they growing their beards because of the writer’s strike? because that’s over and you may go back to hating them.

  2. i think they growing beards because they’re cool. gasol’s beard has been going strong for years while vujacic just started growing his beard and hair at the beginning of the season to distance himself from his american teammates because he thought it was stupid when kobe took the team to see 300. fight thinks vujacic is a poser; i think he’s moving up my list of favorite players. right now he’s in my top 75.

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