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February 24, 2008 at 10:57 pm | Posted in basketball, brian | 2 Comments

i hope i didn’t already name a post this. see, i keep this notebook and one of the things i keep in the notebook are possible titles for blogs. i forgot why i thought it was an interesting title, but it was in the list. i think it has something to do with airplanes and emails and possibly quantum transference.

i saw an interview with korver conducted by one of the local news shows. i know there have been korver interviews everyday since he was traded to the jazz, but this one was really weird. i couldn’t find it online (but i did find this one which has boller staring into korver’s naked chest).

the korver interview

korver was interviewed by shauna lake in the channel 2 news studio. korver dressed casually and was totally nervous. for some reason, he has holding a pillow over his lap. lake’s chair was at least a foot taller than korver’s. the topic wasn’t basketball, but more of a get to know you interview. at one point korver went on about how big of an influence growing up in a strong christian family was (now if he’d just convert to mormonism, everyone watching the interview thought). he was also asked about his favorite bands: linkin park and pearl jam, you know, stuff to pump you up before a big game.

then the interview shifted to sex appeal. korver is currently the hottest sex-symbol in utah sports. and it’s not just the guys who love him, but the ladies too.

lake: some people say you look just like ashton kutchner [cut to side by side pictures of korver and kuthcner], how do you feel about being a sex symbol?
korver: uncomfortable. very uncomfortable.

and this wasn’t some kind of humble answer, korver was totally uncomfortable. or at least he looked to be. i interviewed my brother to make sure.

the aaron interview

me: do you like halloween?
aaron: it’s ok.
me: do you ever dress up?
aaron: yeah.
me: what was your best costume?
aaron: one year i dressed up as ash catchem from pokemon but everyone thought i was dressed as ashton kutchner.
me: how did that make you feel?
aaron: uncomfortable. very uncomfortable.

back to the korver interview.  lake also found out that korver is currently single and then had hear four year-old kid bring korver a cookie.  after the interview, lake was sexually harassed on air by dave fox the sports anchor.  i think he was jealous that lake was crushin’ so hard on korver while she always turns down fox’s drunken passes.


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  1. i watched the jazz game tonight and i didnt think korver was that good looking.

  2. yeah, i don’t get the hunk status other than he’s ok looking, white and american. obviously cj miles is the best looking guy on the team.

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