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NOTE: This was actually a response to brian’s post “the tallest filmmaker ever.”  It was longer than I intended, so I turned it into a post.  This way I’ll feel a little less guilty for never contributing.

Maybe this year I’ll actually write a post about the NFL draft instead of just talking about it.

Since I don’t pay nearly as much attention to the NBA and it’s draft as I do the NFL and it’s, I was wondering how much the March Madness tournament affects players’ draft stock.  If a top prospect sucks it up in the tourney, could that drop him down in the draft?  I hope not.

With football, it seems like analysts and scouts are too willing to throw a good college career out the window if the player has a poor bowl game/senior bowl/combine.  Every year there are ‘workout warriors’ who measure off the charts at the combine and they fly to the top of the rankings, their mediocre college career goes ignored and then they bust.  Usually.

On the other hand (and again, since I don’t pay that much attention to basketball, I might be making this up), it seems like basketball players can sometimes skate by on hype and be drafted high.  Kids coming out of high school – the Mayos, Odens and El BJs – who are sufficiently hyped seem like they can make a top pick based on reputation as long as they don’t completely implode during their lone college season (for those that are now forced to do a year; for the rest, I guess if they don’t go to jail or crash their Hummers or whatever). 

It seems backwards.  At least if my assumption that March Madness doesn’t make to much difference in an athletes draft stock is right.  If there’s a sport where one player can take over a game in a high-pressure environment and lead his team to a W, it’s basketball.  I’d think a lot can be learned about a top player based on his performance in the post-season.  Where as in football, all a good bowl game performance shows is that a player will give full effort in a stupid, pointless game.  While it’s nice to know you’re getting 100% all the time, I don’t think players should be penalized for not caring about bowl games.   Nobody else does.

Either way, talent should largely be judged by the body of work throughout their career in both sports.  But, what do you think?  How much impact does the tournament have?

(By the way, I realize the B-ball names I mentioned are terrible examples, as James lived up to the hype, Mayo probably won’t go top 5 and Oden…well, we’ll see.) 

the tallest filmmaker ever

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so who’s going to be the number one pick in the upcoming nba draft. (clif, you were probably hoping i was going to talk about the nfl draft. sorry, but i have almost no knowledge and have yet to figure out an angle to write about. plus, i don’t want to give away my fantasy draft secrets until like july.) it may be a strong class if everyone comes out. there’s micheal beasley, the great dictator (oj mayo), a bunch of tall white guys that everyone’s hoping are the next larry bird (hansborough [i’m not even going to find out how to spell his name correctly] and love both of which seem more like modern-day cherokee parks) and probably a bunch of other hot prospects i’m not going to name.

but around here (and by here i mean my living room) all the talk is about kenny george. he’s 7’7” and 360 pounds. seriously. he doesn’t even have to jump to dunk the basketball. and he’s an aspiring filmmaker who has already written several screenplays. that’s who i’d want on my basketball team. or making a movie about my basketball team.

some bullshit title

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i need to address the first part of this post to aaron. if you are not aaron, feel free to skip the next paragraph.

aaron, why is everyone calling chris anderson birdman all of the sudden? have you ever heard that nickname in reference to him before? most importantly, did you now that chris anderson has been reinstated?

for those of you who skipped the preceding paragraph, chris anderson has been reinstated by the nba. i thought one of us had written something about anderson’s suspension, but it turned out to only be one sentence at the end of this post. so i’ll need to provide some background.

background or why chris anderson was suspended from the nba and why i love him for it

chris anderson. most people probably don’t even remember you. but i do. it all began when i picked you up to play for one of my nbalive teams. (for those of you who have no idea what i’m talking about, nbalive was a basketball video game i used to play. i liked it because i could fire, hire and trade players whenever i liked which meant i could create my own personal dream teams. dream teams, for me, didn’t consist of the best players but the coolest players [or at least coolest by my criteria].) then i saw you in two consecutive dunk contests. the first one you spiked up your hair and jack nichloson made fun of it right to your face. you took it in stride since you can’t take anyone who wears sunglasses indoors seriously. for the second dunk contest, you grew your hair long. and i’m talking long — longer than dirk, longer than nash. then you got kicked out of the league for using coke (allegedly). i thought you’d never play in the league again. i thought this mostly because if i would have been kicked out of the nba for drug use, i’d stay kicked out and spend whatever money i had left on more drugs (i assumed you [or i guess i mean i since this hypothetical involves me having signed a multi-million dollar contract to play basketball] could do this for years).

but now you’ve cleaned up, served your two year suspension and you’re back in the league. and i couldn’t be happy for you.

(actually, if you want some real background, you should read this article. anderson’s story is pretty incredible.)

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