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March 6, 2008 at 4:54 am | Posted in basketball, brian | 1 Comment

i need to address the first part of this post to aaron. if you are not aaron, feel free to skip the next paragraph.

aaron, why is everyone calling chris anderson birdman all of the sudden? have you ever heard that nickname in reference to him before? most importantly, did you now that chris anderson has been reinstated?

for those of you who skipped the preceding paragraph, chris anderson has been reinstated by the nba. i thought one of us had written something about anderson’s suspension, but it turned out to only be one sentence at the end of this post. so i’ll need to provide some background.

background or why chris anderson was suspended from the nba and why i love him for it

chris anderson. most people probably don’t even remember you. but i do. it all began when i picked you up to play for one of my nbalive teams. (for those of you who have no idea what i’m talking about, nbalive was a basketball video game i used to play. i liked it because i could fire, hire and trade players whenever i liked which meant i could create my own personal dream teams. dream teams, for me, didn’t consist of the best players but the coolest players [or at least coolest by my criteria].) then i saw you in two consecutive dunk contests. the first one you spiked up your hair and jack nichloson made fun of it right to your face. you took it in stride since you can’t take anyone who wears sunglasses indoors seriously. for the second dunk contest, you grew your hair long. and i’m talking long — longer than dirk, longer than nash. then you got kicked out of the league for using coke (allegedly). i thought you’d never play in the league again. i thought this mostly because if i would have been kicked out of the nba for drug use, i’d stay kicked out and spend whatever money i had left on more drugs (i assumed you [or i guess i mean i since this hypothetical involves me having signed a multi-million dollar contract to play basketball] could do this for years).

but now you’ve cleaned up, served your two year suspension and you’re back in the league. and i couldn’t be happy for you.

(actually, if you want some real background, you should read this article. anderson’s story is pretty incredible.)

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  1. when i saw him in the first time this year in the play off i realised that chris is a big star specialy the spectator loves him very much .chris have a lot of that push me to love him his hear and his run and his jump and his deffence was incredeble i think the denver is very lucky to have like this star i wish to keep him as much as possible because he is very important . i will tanks him for every thing he deos and i wish the best for denver with this star

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