i forgot what day it is

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did you see deshawn last night?

man, his mohawk is looking good. his beard isn’t bad either. i’ve been trying to figure out deshawn’s ritual after made baskets. as seen in the picture, he always waves his hand in front of his face. could be a signifier of his hot-handedness? like he’s saying, “shit man! this hand is on fire! i’m not gonna miss a single mothafuckin shot!” is it a burn on the defense? like, “you can try and put you’re hand in my face, but i’m still gonna score!” or is it about muscle memory? like, “holy shit! i can’t believe i just made that shot with this hand. it happened automatically.”

here’s my idea: instead of giving everybody zion’s-bank-utah-jazz-one-team-one-dream shirts, everybody at the jazz games should wear white shirts and ties and name badges. missionaries for the church of the utah jazz.  also, they should kick super-fan out of every game.  i mean, where’s his creativity?

matt and i spent half the game arguing about china.  matt thinks the chinese government is forcing chairman yao to fake an injury so he’ll be rested up for the olympics.  i think the usa is just about as fucked up as china.  and matt always calls yao mao.

i know a lot of people, outside of utah, want to see mcgrady win this playoff series since nba analyst and fans are so hard on mcgrady — he’s not a star player, he can’t win big games, he doesn’t have the determination of a champion or whatever.  but i am officially denouncing winning as validation for anything.  that bullshit is for talk radio.

today vegetables . . . tomorrow the world!

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another sports-related email randomly ended up in my email. i don’t think this one is from the future. here it is its entirety:

hey. i wouldn’t worry about betraying kansas. it’s a strange relationship we have with our favorite players and teams. we have so many memories of them — incredible plays, memorable wins, heartbreaking losses, frustrating inconsistency — and they don’t know we exist. or they do but only in an abstract way. for the players, we’re one of many fans (i’m guessing there are all the subsets of fans — (ex)students who go to every game, (ex)students who dont, people who just watch on tv, people who only pay attention in march, ect.); for the college president, athletic director and coaches we’re potential (or actualized) consumers. the point is is that they dont have any idea about us and our individual ways we watch and love/hate sports. so, if you didn’t pick them to win in your brackets, it doesn’t hurt there feelings at all. especially since they won a national championship.

i’m just glad there were no white players in the final. (did you know that kevin love is mike love’s son or nephew? i call him the kokomo kid.) like they’re the second coming of larry bird. the great white hope. it’s no different than 1910.

so i saw steven on monday. he’s on our softball team.

how are things with you?

walking down babylon street

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so the seattle supersonics are moving to oklahoma city. it’s not official, but that’s what everyone is saying. what does a franchise moving to a new city mean for a sports fan? well, unless you live in or around either of the cities involved in the move, it probably means nothing. I mean, we just watch basketball on tv, right? as far as i know, the games are played on the moon. (that reminds me, fight hopes the future of sports – the moon future of sports – will have adjustable gravity levels. imagine that slam dunk contest.) but that’s not the point.

here’s the point: are the sonics going to change their name (and/or colors) when they get to oklahoma city? if so, to what?

here are some suggestions:

the oklahoma city bombers

the oklahoma city dust bowlers


the oklahoma city land grabbers

i think each of these is an impossibility. the families and friends of the victims of the oklahoma city bombing would probably find the bombers to be insensitive. but you can argue that the bombers refer to jump shooters while still retaining a trace of the supersonic name.

and these basketball players are my favorite basketball players:

allen iverson, rajon rondo, tj ford, jr smith, ronnie brewer, josh smith, gerald wallace, lamar odom, rasheed wallace, gerald green and thaddeus young.

do you remember how you used to play pilgrim’s promise?

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did you see that college basketball championship? i couldn’t believe it! there they are, cutting down the nets and greg gumble’s all like “and there’s some brand of ladder, the official ladder of the ncaa tournament.” and then they played a luther vandross song. televised sports are getting close to unwatchable.

now i’m supposed to write a paragraph about how bad the brackets i filled out did. last place, last place, last place.

katherine hepburn is sure wearing a lot of make up in this little women movie. right now they’re practicing what to do if some guy tries take advantage of them. now they’re singing hymns. is one of the girls blind or am i confusing this with the hellen keller movie or little house on the prarie? is this movie supposed to be a comedy?  that one girl is sure a show-off on the piano.

i’m just a boy with a new haircut

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you’ve probably already heard the rumors: the nfl wants to ban long hair. they want to ban this:

and this:

thankfully, plummer already retired or they be looking to ban this too:

i don’t understand it. why would the nfl want regulate hair length? supposedly it’s a safety concern. the league is worried about possible injuries occurring when players talking other player by their long hair. but that’s obviously bullshit. there has yet to be a hair-pulling related injury in the history of the nfl and the nfl obviously doesn’t give a shit about the all the concussions happening every week, many of which lead to permanent injuries, post-traumatic stress and even suicides.

breaking news!!!!!!

i just read that the owners are shelving the haircut vote until may. it looks like it was too soon for the nfl to exert total control over their employees lives and livelihoods.

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