i’m just a boy with a new haircut

April 3, 2008 at 12:14 am | Posted in brian, football (american) | 3 Comments

you’ve probably already heard the rumors: the nfl wants to ban long hair. they want to ban this:

and this:

thankfully, plummer already retired or they be looking to ban this too:

i don’t understand it. why would the nfl want regulate hair length? supposedly it’s a safety concern. the league is worried about possible injuries occurring when players talking other player by their long hair. but that’s obviously bullshit. there has yet to be a hair-pulling related injury in the history of the nfl and the nfl obviously doesn’t give a shit about the all the concussions happening every week, many of which lead to permanent injuries, post-traumatic stress and even suicides.

breaking news!!!!!!

i just read that the owners are shelving the haircut vote until may. it looks like it was too soon for the nfl to exert total control over their employees lives and livelihoods.


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  1. Though the NFL does plenty of stupid stuff, to be fair, this was brought to the table by the Kansas City Chiefs organization, not the league. It was given a courtesy glance by the competition committee, but never really had any support from the other teams or the league.

  2. well i heard that the league used the chiefs and, more specifically, herm edwards as a front since like all the players with long hair are black and they didn’t want the issue to seem racially motivated. but that also seems a bit conspiratorial. and i’m a pretty strong believer that large organizations are immune to conspiracies since no one, or no group of individuals, has enough control to pull such things off.

    mostly i wanted to post the pictures.

  3. Could be.

    I miss Jake Plummer.

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