today vegetables . . . tomorrow the world!

April 17, 2008 at 6:47 am | Posted in basketball | 2 Comments

another sports-related email randomly ended up in my email. i don’t think this one is from the future. here it is its entirety:

hey. i wouldn’t worry about betraying kansas. it’s a strange relationship we have with our favorite players and teams. we have so many memories of them — incredible plays, memorable wins, heartbreaking losses, frustrating inconsistency — and they don’t know we exist. or they do but only in an abstract way. for the players, we’re one of many fans (i’m guessing there are all the subsets of fans — (ex)students who go to every game, (ex)students who dont, people who just watch on tv, people who only pay attention in march, ect.); for the college president, athletic director and coaches we’re potential (or actualized) consumers. the point is is that they dont have any idea about us and our individual ways we watch and love/hate sports. so, if you didn’t pick them to win in your brackets, it doesn’t hurt there feelings at all. especially since they won a national championship.

i’m just glad there were no white players in the final. (did you know that kevin love is mike love’s son or nephew? i call him the kokomo kid.) like they’re the second coming of larry bird. the great white hope. it’s no different than 1910.

so i saw steven on monday. he’s on our softball team.

how are things with you?


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  1. so do you think ric bucher is anti mormon?

  2. i think he might be a robot. a robot who suntans too much and his synthetic face is slowly melting off. and i think he’s a corporate tool.

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