i forgot what day it is

April 26, 2008 at 3:47 am | Posted in basketball, brian | Leave a comment

did you see deshawn last night?

man, his mohawk is looking good. his beard isn’t bad either. i’ve been trying to figure out deshawn’s ritual after made baskets. as seen in the picture, he always waves his hand in front of his face. could be a signifier of his hot-handedness? like he’s saying, “shit man! this hand is on fire! i’m not gonna miss a single mothafuckin shot!” is it a burn on the defense? like, “you can try and put you’re hand in my face, but i’m still gonna score!” or is it about muscle memory? like, “holy shit! i can’t believe i just made that shot with this hand. it happened automatically.”

here’s my idea: instead of giving everybody zion’s-bank-utah-jazz-one-team-one-dream shirts, everybody at the jazz games should wear white shirts and ties and name badges. missionaries for the church of the utah jazz.  also, they should kick super-fan out of every game.  i mean, where’s his creativity?

matt and i spent half the game arguing about china.  matt thinks the chinese government is forcing chairman yao to fake an injury so he’ll be rested up for the olympics.  i think the usa is just about as fucked up as china.  and matt always calls yao mao.

i know a lot of people, outside of utah, want to see mcgrady win this playoff series since nba analyst and fans are so hard on mcgrady — he’s not a star player, he can’t win big games, he doesn’t have the determination of a champion or whatever.  but i am officially denouncing winning as validation for anything.  that bullshit is for talk radio.

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