christmas is sick

June 14, 2008 at 6:30 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 5 Comments

i should have been writing about this for the past two months.

i’m on a softball team.  actually, a number of (past) contributors of this blog are on a softball team.  we’re called the beekeepers.  and we’ve lost every game but our first.

monday nights game was pretty eventful.  we lost by like twenty.  aaron suffered a concussion trying to make this diving catch.  actually it wasn’t a diving catch.  here’s how it went down.  aaron’s at shortstop.  the batter bloops one into shallow left field.  aaron races after the ball, jumps to catch the ball but it’s barely out of his reach.  then he lands on his back and smashes his head into the ground.  then he just lays there unresponsive.  then he got up and walked it off.  the next play a grounder comes right for him.  he fields the ball and makes the throw to first except that the ball slips out of his hand during the throw.  probably a result of his concussion.  earlier dusty slid into home plate.  safe!  now he has a scar on his leg.  one of my at bats i hit the ball 5 feet.  i swung as hard as i could and only hit the ball five feet.  but i beat the throw for a base hit.

it was a good game.


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  1. ha. I didn’t realize it, but that probably was the most exciting game of the season. Let’s win one for the fans!

  2. when does your season end?

  3. shit. i don’t know. we have to play like 14 games. but look for detailed reports every week. from here on out.

  4. good. i enjoy hearing about the games and keeping up on aaron’s health.

  5. Next year when I’m back in utah can I be on your softball team. But every time my friends put one together it’s just for dudes…or that’s what they tell me…they don’t really know how awesome I am/used to be at softball.

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