why are there flowers everywhere?

October 10, 2008 at 5:05 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

i watched the heat/nets preseason game.  played in paris.  paris, france.

devin harris is awesome.  douglas-roberts had a nice stretch in where he made 3 consecutive floaters.  beasely played well but the commentators couldn’t help but critizie him the entire game.  shit like he’s immature, he has character issues, he’s a disruptive presence in the locker room and he doesnt have the basketball iq to be a star.  why is everyone at espn hating on beasely?

when tim legler — the color analyst for the game — wasn’t trying to convince viewers to hate beasely, he was talking about himself.  it was when i injured my knee this and when i played in europe that.  and he doesn’t let his kid watch shawn marion because his jump shot form is so unusual.  even though marion is a solid shooter.  what is the deal with the myth that there is only one correct way to play basketball.  (maybe this has to do with that basketball iq.)  i mean reggie miller, arguably one of the best shooters in nba history, had an unorthodox shot.

and are they serious about adam jones?  he got in a small fight with his bodyguard and he needs to get suspended for that?  that’s the nfl’s most pressing issue?  and matt jones doesn’t even get suspended for having 6 grams of coke?  and this is espn’s lead story going in to sportscenter?  the bodyguard isn’t going to press charges and the cops said the incident doesn’t even warrant a report and the nfl is going to investigate it?

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  1. Good post, bri.

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