it’s nice to see you again

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so, i went to the jazz game friday night. my company has a suite at the ESA and somehow i got two tickets for the game against the clippers. it was pretty fun. the game didn’t end up being too exciting, right? i mean the jazz won by like 20 points. i just looked. they won by 18.

i’ll be honest, this is like the first jazz game i’ve seen all season. i heard about their horrible first part of the season, but that’s not why i haven’t watched games. i have no excuse. i think it’s time to get back into the jazz.

a few things about the night.

  • emily’s husband sang sweet child of mine and won $500. he was almost as good as axel rose. but less dreamy.
  • the suite: buffalo chicken sandwiches, jelly bellies, and the dessert cart.
  • the man sitting behind me had to explain to his date 5 times what the shot clock was. she may have been in her 50s, but i think it was her first encounter with basketball.
  • carlos boozer. i just really like his name. the most unfortunate name for the night? dickau. dick owe. owe my dick. dickau.
  • someone said fesenko looks like ashton kutcher.

maybe, but i think it’s mostly the hair throwing you off. i mean, check out this picture.

doesn’t he look kinda more like seung-hui cho? the slayer of virginia tech students and faculty?

  • while we’re on the subject, sam cassell looks like an alien. but apparently that is old news because when i did an image search on his name, this is like the 3rd picture that came up

  • anyway, john malkovich was at the game, and he’s pretty cool. so i guess it was a good night.

beecause i’m going to the bees game

May 10, 2007 at 12:53 am | Posted in baseball, becky | 5 Comments

so the bee came into my work today and was trying to get his picture taken with me. i hid. apparently he is a fan of my blog and wanted an autographed picture of the two of us. okay that’s not even true. at all. in actuality, this saturday is my company’s annual “family day”. instead of having it at lagoon like we always do, we are going to a bees game. i really like baseball, so i’m excited about it. but back to the bee. what a lame mascot. i think he’s skipping in that photo. and he looks like he might be wearing a mini skirt. plus, he is clearly afraid of little girls. wait, all of these things might make him kind of cool as a mascot.

the sunday formarly known as the sabbath

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i didn’t see too much of the super bowl. mostly because i don’t have t.v. secondly, because i couldn’t be bothered to socialize with complete strangers at a super bowl “party” for more than one quarter. i got there just in time to see the princes suithalf-time spectacle. prince? PRINCE! did anyone love this half-time show as much as me? probably not. first of all, prince’s suit was so rad. light blue with some sort of large paisley design? and orange underneath? someone’s stylist has sexy taste. nextly, i loved the backup dancers outfits–especially their boots.backups where can i find a pair of those? I also loved (and pointed out) that they were wearing huge heels and still the same height as Prince, who is probably legally a “little person”. but then i noticed Prince, too, was wearing heels and it all made sense. what was up with prince doing two covers? that was weird. but i did love that he sang purple rain. its had special meaning for me ever since a certain night of karaoke on my cruise. anyway, all that being said, i haven’t yet covered the awesomeness of Prince giving his guitar an HJ.hj did you think it was cool when U2 put up a big sheet and started listing all of the victims of 9-11? so did a lot of people until they saw the giant Prince Symbol-shaped guitar being serviced. that made my day. especially because Prince isn’t an idiot and had to know what that looked like beforehand. or maybe he is an idiot. either way, i was entertained.

moving on…i saw maybe 6 commercials total. most of them were lame. i liked the budweiser ax/chainsaw commercial (that was budweiser, right?). i saw the kevin federline one, but i started throwing up and missed the punchline. i think i saw some more, but i couldn’t concentrate because there was a huge idiot in the room. my favorite super-bowl commercials of the past? i don’t really remember. i liked the toyota commercials about how their cars look fast (was that toyota?). those were great. i’m sure there were a lot of good beer commercials. beer commercials are pretty good usually. except for the gorillas one this year. the one commercial that never gets old for me is the terry tate office linebacker commercial. you can see that here.

i decided to watch the 3rd quarter. i have to say, it was actually a good quarter. i was cheering for the colts because i didn’t care about either team and my brother loves the colts. by “cheering” i mean thinking to myself “i hope the colts win”. the 3rd quarter experience would have been perfect for me, had it not been for the previously mentioned idiot. he was so loud and annoying that i couldn’t concentrate.

this is what the hosts had provided as food at their party: like 15 bags of chips and a bowl of old halloween candy. oh, yeah, and some sort of fanta in a can type beverage. and these guys were rich–you should have seen their place. i mean, COME ON! splurge on some little smokies and some heinekin lights!



  1. annoying guy
  2. lame commercials
  3. not watching the 4th quarter
  4. fanta


  1. prince’s suit
  2. prince’s backup dancers (boots)
  3. the HJ
  4. the ax/chainsaw commercial
  5. leaving

food eaten

  1. none

Go Blue!

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for those of you (or more realistically the [maybe] one person) who have read my previous posts, you might remember that I was born in ann arbor, MI and grew up singing the u. of michigan fight song. so i just have to give praises to the great year this has been for my former state. the detroit tigers swept the american league championship and are in the world series for the first time since i was just a little lass of 6. i know some of you think baseball is totally boring, but i love it (then again, i can get into pretty much any sport when watching it). so anyway, in other MI news, the wolverines are currently 8-0 and ranked number two. yay them.

the end.

nominations by becky

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this fittest list is brilliant. mainly because i’m going to take it as an opportunity to perv all over this blog. i’m sorry if that was not the list’s function or design. i can’t help myself. a few of the fittest men that i would have nominated have already made the list (andy roddick, david beckham), but I have come up with a few more for consideration. this wasn’t easy, considering the vast number of attractive athletes. italy’s soccer team also made it difficult. here are my nominations (in no particular order):

1. jeff francoeur–right fielder for the atlanta braves 6’4″, 220lbs, 22 years old, with a yearly salary of almost $400,000. perrrfect. look at me

2. fabio grosso–left back, left wing for italy 6’3″, 181 lbs, a fellow sagitarrean, also born in the year of the snake (it’s like we’re soul mates!). and look at that skin! check me out

3. andrea barzagli–center back for italy 6’1″, 174lbs. sure, he only played in 2 games out of the entire world cup, but he’s just so pretty! what’s up with these italians? mmm mm

4. bucky lacek–skate. he has been my favorite skater ever since i knew he existed. it started out because we shared a name. having grown up with the nickname bucky, i became an instant fan. later, i found out he was extremely attractive and that was the icing on the cake (for those of you who like cake, or more specifically icing [i don’t really]). oh, and he’s also just so good at what he does. it’s bucky

5. Mike Mason–FMX. this year was his first time in the x games and he did a great job. he looked great doing it too. he also looked great in this photo i took with him (other people have been removed from the photo to protect the innocent). how YOU doin?

6. Kelly Slater–Surf. one of the greatest surfers of all time. possibly the greatest? i don’t know. but he’s tasty and his girlfriend is a total babe. he can also surf amazingly on some seriously crap waves. do you like what you see?

7. Dynaformer–horse. a thoroughbred stallion (like some of these other guys). what a stud! he has won over $650,000 in 30 races. not only that, but his offspring have won over 3.7 million this year alone. according to wikipedia, this makes dynaformer one of the united states’ leading sires in terms of offspring’s winnings. does the word “sire” make anyone else think of vampires? no other buffy geeks here? okay! buh bye. serve me up some of THAT

mad phat dope sick ill fresh wicked bad rockin rad

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This past weekend I had the privilege of attending the U.S. Open of Surfing in Huntington Beach. It was sick! The US Open is the highest rated qualifying surf event for men and women in North America. It’s also the most heavily attended (you can imagine what this does to parking on my street). This year the U.S. Open went hand in hand with the Beach Games (do they always? I don’t know). The Beach Games featured skateboarding, BMX, FMX and beach volleyball. I was hoping to get some interview time with some of the greats like Kelly Slater, Andy Irons, and Rob Machado, but to no avail. Kelly Slater and Andy Irons didn’t even compete (WTF?) and Rob entered the competition late and surfed the early morning heats (and who expects me to get up at 8:00am to see those?). But overall, the whole weekend was great. Sofia Mulanovich won the women’s open. She surfed amazingly, and the Americans loved her accent. Rob Machado rocked it, coming out on top after losing last year in a close final with Andy Irons. Roy Powers came in second, much to the dismay of many of the ladies (who don’t care how well he can surf, just that he looks pretty doing it [not that he can’t surf]).

To get a feel for how things went, I have included some of the highlights of the weekend, and some things that overshadowed the games.


1. Getting hooked up with VIP passes (in a way which didn’t involve sleeping with powerful men) . These things were like gold. Most of the athletes couldn’t even go where we went. We spent parts of the day in the Surfer’s lounge drinking Sobes and eating some new brand of chip that some moto x guy just came out with.

2. The O’Neill Tow At aerial demonstration. Several of the best “radical surfers” were there, being towed by jet skis, which launched them into insane maneuvers. Also, watching that one dude surf right through the pier. That was crazy.

3. Sitting at the beach for hours, soaking up the sun and watching the sports (and probably getting cancer).

4. Watching the Grand Master skate-off at the Soul Bowl.

5. Meeting skaters, surfers, FMX and BMXers who’s names I don’t know and really don’t care about.

6. Seeing the Huckin Chicken (Jeff “Ox” Kargola) in action! woohoo! I had that Burger King Huckin Chicken song in my head the entire weekend. Which was annoying for everyone considering I don’t know any words except for “big huckin chicken”. I barely know the tune.

There were a few things that I felt overshadowed the games. Here they are in all their (non) glory.

1. The shameless amount of promotions EVERYWHERE. Granted, from an advertising perspective, this was brilliant. There were tents all over the beach which offered free stuff–hats, wristbands, airbrush tattoos, keychains, drinks, etc. Everyone on the beach became billboards and bumperstickers. Hot girls wearing practically nothing, with O’Neill airbrushed across their stomachs? You know people are looking at that! Attractive men wearing Corona hats? Beer never sounded so good! Genius! It made me want to puke. Until I got my pink Tonik senorita trucker hat that I am completely in love with. But, hey, at least I’m representing health insurance!

2. The Secret Machine. WTF? Everywhere I turned I saw hats and t-shirts saying “the machine is NOT evil”, or protestors toting signs that said “stop the machine” or “the machine is evil”. What is this secret machine, you might wonder. Secret Machine is a new surf film by Globe. Sonny Miller was hired to work on the film and recently disassociated himself with it, making this statement:

“I’m all for pushing things forward” says Miller, “but to develop some kind of secret machine that spits out surf films is taking progression way too far. It’s just not true to the essence of what we do and now that I know what their intentions are, I won’t be a part of it any more. I think the machine is evil.”

Since then, he has been organizing boycotts and protests to the film. I was curious to find out what the fuss was about (i.e. what the hell is he talking about? i mean, could he be more vague?). After some scanty research online, I found this statement that Globe made in response:

“Don’t believe Sonny Miller. For over 20 years, Globe has stood for quality and innovation, but today, our reputation has been attacked by Sonny Miller, the renowned surf cinematographer and recent member of our Surf Film crew, in allegations made against our methods and principles. Sonny Miller has filed claims and made public statements featuring misinformation about Globe and its upcoming Surf Film, to be released July 29th 2006 in Laguna Beach, CA. Globe strongly objects to the claims and encourages the surfers everywhere to make up their own minds.”

I still have no idea what is going on. Machine? What does said machine do that is so evil? I found a statement from a “concerned group” which said:

“We know Globe is releasing its film with some very disturbing secret machine generated surfing in it,” said Peter Townend of the ActivEmpire, a brand management, athlete representation and events consultancy. Adding, “It’s like taking those dream cartoons you used to doodle on your school notebook and turning them into life. It’s completely killing the soul of the surf video.”

Wow, this sounds serious. The constant use of the words secret machine was leading me to believe this was some big crazy joke or publicity stunt. I mean “secret machine”? “disturbing”? Is it the last days? I asked some protestors “what’s the machine?” and they couldn’t even answer me. They had no clue! All they did was hand me a flyer and tell me to read the second paragraph (because they had no clue!). I finally found something that alluded to what the secret machine was/does. “An advanced, machine-generated light and sound experience“. Ahhhh. Okay. So…to sum up, after extensive research, I’ve come to the conclusion that the only people who even care or understand (care) what this is about are a few surfers (obviously not the ones in the film) and filmmakers (obviously not the ones who made it). I would probably totally care if someone would actually explain it to me. Thanks for almost ruining my weekend by making me do research.

put on your game face

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We all have different ways of expressing our excitement about sports. Over the years I have become a sports (non)professional photographer. Instead of focusing on the games or players, though, I have focused on the fans. Here are a few of my favorite pictures from my portfolio. I feel i’ve really captured these fan’s excitement for whatever sporting event they may have been attending, watching, or participating in.

supporting your team through the food you eat

June 22, 2006 at 12:49 pm | Posted in becky, football (soccer) | 1 Comment

i will admit, I have missed a lot of the world cup games. but i did watch yesterday’s match between ghana and the u.s., and this is what I snacked on during the game:

diet coke

partway through the game i noticed that my snacks had a theme to them–they all matched ghana’s color scheme. take a look:

now, this isn’t that strange because i’m always drinking diet coke, and redvines are my favorite.

what’s weird is that after i’d noticed that all of my snacks looked ghanaian, i looked over to see what my roommate was eating and I saw THIS!!:

–does this mean that my snacks were causing ghana to win? i doub it (i considered this possibility for a minute. since ghana was clearly faster than the u.s. in this game, i thought about drinking some extra diet coke to help the u.s. pick up some speed. but i doubt even a redline [or crack] would have helped, so, i ruled this one out).

–was it a sign from god? possibly.

–what it definitely was, however, was me immediately switching my allegiances and cheering for ghana to win.

if this is treason and punishable by death, i’ll be sure to have redvines, diet coke, and pringles as my last meal.

all this talk of picking teams…

May 2, 2006 at 10:42 am | Posted in becky, misc | 3 Comments

I’ve been a Braves fan ever since I was 13(ish?) and watched the ’91 World Series (which in my opinion was the best one of all time). I have no idea why I decided to watch the series, or why I chose the Braves as my team. But they’ve been my team ever since (this series is also the reason I’ve had an abiding hatred for kirby pucket [yes, i know his dead], and my love of the Braves is what spawned my hatred for the Yankees). Other than the Braves, I don’t necessarily have any teams. Being born in Michigan, it was ingrained into me my whole life (that saying makes no sense unless my life is over), to root for any team in Michigan, which I tend to do. Anyway, since I don’t really have any teams other than the Braves, I’ve just decided to pick players for now. One from each of the 4 major sports.

Football: as noted below, I’ve already chosen Ricky Williams due to the awesomeness of his beard.

Basketball: i’ve chosen Richard Hamilton. I could say I’m choosing him because he plays for the pistons, but that wouldn’t really be true at all. I’ve chosen him because of that mask. He wears it all the time! It’s like shorts and shoes to the guy. If you’re doubting my choice, here is a picture to change your mind.

Is it not awesome?

Baseball: I was going to say Chuck James because it made me think of Chuck Norris, but I’ve decided (for now) to go with Chipper Jones. Mainly because his name is Chipper, but also because he’s always blowing huge bubbles with his gum, and I support that.

Badminton: Raju Rai–for obvious reasons. he/she has been athlete of the year for three years running.

badminton got me an ‘A’

April 18, 2006 at 9:47 am | Posted in becky, misc | 11 Comments

Ever since I was badminton champion of my high school (fine, of my jr. year Fit For Life class), I’ve become a connossieur of the sport (when I say connossieur, I mean I just looked up a bunch of stuff about 10 minutes ago). Badminton is one of the greater sports because it’s origins date back at least 2000 years. What other sport has ancestors with names like “Battledore” and my personal favorite “Shuttlecock”?

When first researching the sport, I came to the conclusion that Badminton must be a game at which women are more competent. From 1949 to 1967 the US won 23 World Individual Championships–12 of those being women’s singles and 8 women’s doubles. But with further reading, I became aware that it wasn’t a women’s sport at all–it’s an Asian’s sport. In 1992 when Badminton made it’s full-medal debut at the Barcelona Olympics, all of the top honors went to Asian countries. This may explain how I became Badminton Champion of my Junior year Fit For Life class (my partner was Phillipino). Either way, I got an A. Here are a few other things I learned about Badminton:

1. Badminton became more popular in the 1930s when several Hollywood personalities including James Cagney, Bette Davis, Boris Karloff, Dick Powell, Ginger Rogers, Joan Crawford, and Douglas Fairbanks became avid players (Boris Karloff somehow makes the sport totally legit for me).

Tangent–Reasons I like Boris Karloff:

  1. He was Frankenstein
  2. He’s pretty much something creepy in everything he’s done
  3. He was in a movie called “The Ghost in the Invisible Bikini”

2. The only place listed to play Badminton in Utah is at the University of Utah.
3. Raju Rai has been athlete of the year for three years running. Hopefully he/she can make it four.

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