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I’m starting to think that I don’t like Tracy Mcgrady very much. I know some people on FESPN think he’s cute. My girlfriend thinks he’s cute, cuz he always knows where the camera is. If you’ve watched the Jazz/Rockets series you know Mcgrady and Yao are more talented than anyone on the Jazz roster. You’ve probably also figured out by now that the Jazz are the better team. It’s not just because he’s always smiling and winking at the camera; Mcgrady doesn’t play with guts. He’s not out there dying for it, like A.I., or Harpring, or Baron Davis (who beat top-form Nowitski on Sunday). I think Mcgrady needs a signature dunk.karl.jpg

Death of the Favorite Team

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This is a pretty good string of football game posts.  I also watched the game, and I barely cared about it.  Okay, I actually enjoyed the game, despite that weird pixie rite at halftime.  But I really didn’t care who won.  You probably didn’t either, but this was a bit strange to me because… I’ve been a Bears “fan” since I was like 8 years old.  I had a shiny Bears jacket that I wore to bed until I was 10.  I have pictures of my brother and I on the first day of school wearing the jackets.  I don’t think I ever actually watched a football game, but I loved the Bears.  So, when fantasy football forced me to start watching the nfl again, I reclaimed the Bears as my favorite team.   I’d tell people they were my favorite, I’d watch em when I could, and I tried to really care.  The game on Sunday forced me to acknowledge that I don’t have a favorite team.  I like watching football games, but I rarely give a damn who wins.

Well, that’s not entirely true.  I like certain characters within the game, and these characters dictate which teams I care about.  I like Ladainian Tomlinson, so I like the Chargers.  I liked them more with Drew Brees, and more before they were the best team in the league.

I also like teams that are fun to watch.  The Phoenix Suns, for instance, are the most interesting sports team on the planet, because they’re playing such a unique game.  So, they’re my favorite team.  They won’t play that way forever, and they won’t have the same players next year, so they won’t be my favorite for long.  I’m a fickle fan, I guess, but I don’t really get having a long term favorite TEAM.

Are other FESPNers like me?  Do you genuinely care about one team more than any other?  Do you feel sad when that team loses?  I watch the Utah Jazz pretty much all season long, and I get emotionally involved in their games, so I understand rooting for a home team.  But rooting for a home team just isn’t as random.   If you do have a favorite team, and you plan on sticking with ’em, why?  I’m not calling you on or anything, I’m just genuinely curious.

colin cowherd + bad radio

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K, so I’m hoping Cowherd will pull an Andy Nesbitt and google himself to find negative press (not that this is considered press, but that’s what he’d be looking for). I’ve listened to him several times on my way to work lately, and normally he’s only as bad as the rest of the ESPN guys. This week for some reason, instead of loud unconconsidered opinions about the sports world, he’s spitting loud, unconsidered opinions about that fucking reality tv show where whores (male and female) sing and “judges” make fun of them. Seriously. Monday he was talking about it from the moment I turned on my car to the moment I turned it off. I waited for him to explain the parallels to the sports world. That wasn’t the point; he just wanted to plug that show, and how cool he thinks the mean white guy is. So, I start my car up this morning and while I’m scraping my windows I hear this Cowherd fella talking about it again. What is wrong with this dude? Is the Fox network affiliated with ESPN somehow? I don’t get it. Theres no way he really likes it, and if he does, there is no way his listeners care. Right? Whatever, I’m done. Sports radio is even lamer than you think, and getting lamer. Sorry so negative. Hope you found us, Cowherd.

BTW… that would be neat if FESPN did a podcast or something.

I pick the Saints and Colts in the end game – Saints 24, Colts 31

First Post About Boise?

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“David & Goliath.” “Cinderella Story.” “Little guys v. Big dogs.”

If you watched Boise State on Monday night, I’d bet my buttons that you rooted for Boise.  I doubt many people from Oklahoma were disappointed with the outcome.  Why?  1.  ‘Cuz Boise went out with no doubt that they could win.  Most trad sports fans thought they’d get blown out, cuz OK is OK, and they’d never seen Boise play.  2.  Boise outcoached Stoops, obviously, and I’m not sure they needed the trick plays.  Trick plays did help make it the best TV show ever, though.  3.  The #1 reason you rooted for Boise- douchebag, homer, cliche-obsessed commentators.  Anyone who watched Boise this season knew that it wasn’t going to be a “david & goliath” type of game.  “So, what do you think Coach?”  “Great call coach!  You saw his knee go down.”  I’ve heard beter announcing on the Mountain network. 

Despite the obvious and shallow arguments of people who’d like to see the money and prestige stay in the big name schools and conferences, I don’t think it’ll be long before teams like Boise get a shot at the title.  Non-trad sports fans just need to keep writing blogs for each other, and F-ing ESPN.


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Gregary wrote me an IM yesterday that LOL’d me completely. Andrei Kirilenko has recently come to like dill, he wrote. And then the hotlink, http://www.kirilenko.ru/?lang=eng.
The best Siberian basketball player on the Utah Jazz has his own blog!!! It’s pretty good too. Check out the section “Masha”. Funny.

So I searched for the best Turkish Jazzman Mehmet Okur. He has a blog also!!! http://www.memo13.com/index.asp His wife is a babe as well. They all have pretty hot wives, actually, as you can see if you click on the “birthday party for Jarron” link.

Blogs are so funny. Thanks Greg. (Greg thinks Andrei is actually Dolf Lundgren. Whatever.)

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