Football Divided

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Last night I watched my first football game since the Superbowl and it made me sad.   I always get a little melancholy this time of year.  Baseball is winding down, MSL is around the corner from the playoffs and I have 3 months of non-stop football to look forward to, and I don’t like the game much.  Oh, I understand it, I grew up in a household that took me to high school and college games from the time I was little.  I’ve even played on powder puff and co-ed flag football teams.  However, football just isn’t my thing.  The culture, the strategy of the game?  Ugh.  That all being said, my mom once said, I was attracted to the athleticism of the game, and that’s true.  I don’t mind watching an incredible play, but then my brain reminds me of all the reasons I dislike the game and I usually go into another room of the house.  I even follow the Redskins, but more or less because I live in a Football Town.  You live in DC, you better at least know the names of the Redskins, more so than any other team in town.  At least there’s only four months left of Football Misery. 

Best. PostSecret. Ever.

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Boxing in a whole new light

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Sherpa Man Candy

So, like anyone who reads the paper or pays halfattention to what’s going on in the world, I knew that Oscar De La Hoya was fighting way back when but as I tend to do with boxing, I ignored everything about it. You see, boxing makes for great movies (even though I’m not a Rocky fan) but watching the sport? No thanks. Oh, I admire the shape these guys have to be in, but I really don’t like watching the actual sport until I saw a picture of Floyd Mayweather Jr. Holy cow, Oscar de la Hoya’s opponent tomorrow is a cutie.  Hmm..maybe I’m rethinking this boxing thing.

Derek and A-Rod–in One Act

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This is my last A-rod and DJ post I swear.  However, I found this little gem, and I couldn’t help but sharing.  I present “Joe Torre’s come and gone” a One act play starring Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez.  Enjoy.

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Wait, Sleepovers?

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I’m a Yankee fan.  I’ve been a Yankees fan since the womb, and now that I’m an adult, on my own and away from my sports obsessed family, I can say honestly that I follow baseball (the AL East and the Yanks) the most.  That being said A-Rod is more of a thorn in my side as a Yank fan than a rose. This latest acknowledgement that he and DJ (Jeter) aren’t getting along?  Well, everyone knew that, and honesty is refreshing..but check out the quote–tell me he’s trying to make a joke–or an analogy, or even a metaphor….. 

On the first day of his fourth season with the New York Yankees, Alex Rodriguez finally acknowledged his relationship with Derek Jeter has cooled. After insisting for three years that they remained close, Rodriguez said it was “important” to him to publicly confirm what others have said since he joined the team.
“The reality is there’s been a change in the relationship over 14 years and, hopefully, we can just put it behind us,” Rodriguez said. “You go from sleeping over at somebody’s house five days a week, and now you don’t sleep over. It’s just not that big of a deal.”

From USA Today

A Super Bowl of What?

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I wish I could say I’m excited for the superbowl, but really I’m just glad its one more day until April 1st and baseball season. After getting away with not watching the Superbowl for a couple of years straight, this year I’ll be watching the game, as we’re having Fat camp reunion and I was assigned to bringing cupcakes. Yup, cupcake duty for a fat camp reunion. A group of us had Thanksgiving together out in rural Pennsylvania, we nicknamed it “fat camp” and we’re meeting up again to eat our way through another football holiday.

My score prediction:

24-21 Colts

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