why does this feel so appealing

July 19, 2007 at 11:34 pm | Posted in brian, meta | 5 Comments

when bored, i sometimes randomly search through other sports blogs. it’s kind of like sizing up our competition, except i don’t think of blogging as competitive.  actually i do it on the off-chance that i’ll come up with an idea to write about for our blog.  here’s what i came up with today:

i stumbled across this bullshit site that gives your (in this case our) blog a mpaa styled rating.  this blog received a g rating.  g?  i guess i haven’t been swearing enough.  and i haven’t made a hand job joke in over a year.

but i’m still surprised about the g rating.  i decided to test how accurate this rating system is.  here’s some ratings for blogs associated with a few of our contributors:

we will die, hurrah (dusty): g
dear jesus (whitney and me): r for murder and danger
look out pres. clinton! (aaron): pg for stealing and crack
modern, serious dating is dead (becky, lee and me): r for death and sex
killer buds pick of the week (everyone): pg for shit and corpses
fight tv (fight): nc-17 for fuck, guns, fucker and suck

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