texting championships?

April 24, 2007 at 12:56 am | Posted in brian, misc, olympics | 1 Comment

my brother use to brag about his texting ability. if i remember his story correctly, he was in a room in san francisco with eleven other people and he texted his way through eleven separate conversations without any of the (winning?) eleven having to wait more than thirteen seconds between the sending of their text and the arrival of aaron’s.

all of us know someone who claims to be the fastest texter around. too bad there’s not some type of competition to measure how fast they really are, i used to think. then i found out about the lg national texting championship.

the lg national texting championship is exactly what you think it is. some random message like “faster than a speeding bullet” or “OMG, nd 2 talk asap” appeared on an over-head screen and you had to text the message, with correct punctuation and spelling, to the judge. morgan pozgar, a thirteen year-old girl form pennsylvania, beat out more than 200 competitors to claim the texting crown. she also won $25,ooo. what’s she going to do with the money? “i’m going to go shopping and buy lots of clothes,” said pozgar.

but can we trust a texting championship sponsored by lg? the competition was actually an advertising campaign for lg’s new phone which features a full keyboard. this is not to take anything away form morgan pozgar who proved to be the best texter under the rules of the competition, but what about competitions for people with conventional mobile phones? apparently ang chuang yan holds the record for non-predictive text messaging on a normal phone beating out some guy from utah.

hopefully we’ll have some sort of competition–one that isn’t a front for some phone company promotion–that can accurately determine the best texters in the world. then we can petition for it to become an olympic sport. regardless, morgan pozgar is a champion. i hope she buys some sweet clothes.

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