everybody who is anybody loves ping pong

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table tennis, or what is onomatopoetically called ping pong, is like the best sport ever. well, technically soccer is the best sport, but it’s so hard to find enough people to play and when you find enough people to play you still have to find a ball, a place to play and shorts to play in and then it’s either too hot or too cold and even though you have so much fun playing–way funner than any ecstasy party i’ve been to and the ones i’ve been to are totally fun, you know, with like dancing and ouija boards and the rubber-band game and vest-jackets and banana chair surfing–you’re so sore the next day. so soccer is the best sport (especially 2 on 2 indoor soccer played on a racquetball court) but sometimes ping pong is even better.

but you don’t have to take my word for it:

(ok. i want to explain how i found these photos first. i thought the line was funny enough–you know, because we all watched reading rainbow growing up and pretend to like it now because we weren’t so depressed when we were kids but childhood wasn’t so great and neither was reading rainbow. maybe i was trying to be ironic, but that’s not any better. i mean, do i think i’m better because i don’t pretend to like reading rainbow? no. i’m still trying to define myself in terms of which products i consume[d] and which i didn’t. so scrap the reference.)

(but why wouldn’t i just erase the reference rather than writing about how i’m embarrassed i used it? i have a few ideas, but i don’t want to spend another paragraph over-analyzing everything i write. it’s not funny.)

(but if i did it enough times would it become funny?)

the internet is great. while watching parts of the patriots/colts game sunday night during commercials of prehistoric park i wondered if peyton manning is married. thanks to the internet i found the answer in less than ten minutes (or, more correctly, in less than or equal to ten minutes). he’s married, but i couldn’t find any pictures of the two of them. so i started looking for pictures of steve nash and his family. instead i found proof of how awesome ping pong is. (rebecca, feel free to use these pictures or even this entire post [or portions of it] on your blog because ping pong is always awesome.)

i may not have found pictures of nash and his girlfiend and/or kid(s), but i found this:
steve nash

but he’s not the only awesome athlete who loves ping pong. there’s ronnie brown, who looks like a killer doubles partner:
ronnie brown

sharapova plays in a dress which isn’t that weird considering that she plays tennis in a dress:
maria sharapova

andy roddick plays
andy roddick

against mandy moore
mandy moore

i think i could take mandy moore
but it’s not just bad actors who play. there’s humphrey bogart
humphrey bogart

audrey hepburn
audrey hepburn

and keanu reeves (who plays left-handed)
keanu reeves

i would love to play any of those people. i think i could take mandy moore, bogart, and keanu if we were both stoned when we played. but if i had access to a time/space machine, i’d travel back to cuba shortly after the revolution to play castro.
fidel castro

stoned or not, castro would beat me for sure. but it would be awesome.

if there’s anyone i wouldn’t want to play against, it would probably be mr. ed
mister ed

that horse’s forehand looks like it could kill someone.

ping pong fever

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